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Music Caravan, founded in 2009, can be found at a variety of musical events such as festivals, guitar shows, music camps and trade shows selling an array of musical needs from straps, capos, bags, picks and strings, books, parts, DVDs, CDs and acoustic instruments.

Music Caravan also is a representative for the following lines: MP Ukuleles & Guitars, Ohana Ukuleles, G7th Capos, ST Straps, U. S. Blues Picks, R.L. Saul Ukulele Straps, Intellitouch Tuners, Hall Glass Guitar Slides, Bright Vision Strap Locks, Strap Jacks, Strum 'N Comfort, Musician's Threads and Rocky Butte Slides. Climate Cases are now sold exclusively through Music Caravan!

You can contact Music Caravan at any time for for your musical purchases!! If you have been having trouble finding a product, just email us at Music Caravan, and we will see what we can do to help you!

If you are an event producer and would like Music Caravan to be at your event, please contact Dana Thorin at Email or call (626) 590-5177 (cell). Music Caravan can adapt product to fit your needs.

Links to our participating friends

Often times Music Caravan features the work of two excellent California Luthiers:
     Craig Wilson (mandolins/mandolas) and Michael Pereira (ukuleles).

Here are links to their websites.
Wilson Mandolins | Michael Pereira Ukuleles

Also visit Yosemite Songwriting Retreat


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