Representative Sales & Distribution for the Following Products:

U.S. Blues Guitar Picks
Picks of various styles made from a variety of exotic woods, bone, horn, coconut, organic ivory and metals. They are available as a flat pick, jazz, grip or sculpted.


Bright Vision Strap Lock
These Grolsch Style strap locks stretch readily to fit over your end pin and then fit snugly while never cracking and breaking. They come in packages of 4 and are available in eight colors: black, blue, brown, opaque, orange, pink, red and white

A wonderfully simple, but important device to hold your strap firmly onto your acoustic/electric guitar when your cord is unplugged. It saves many a guitar repair!

G7th Capos -
The brilliantly designed Performance 2 Capo is the same quality as the original, but with a more intuitive "pinch" release system and are also lighter weight. G7th also has the spring operated Nashville Capo and the Newport Capo with a fine-tune adjustment.

  Ohana Ukuleles
Great care has been taken in the design and construction of these wonderful Ukeleles. Not only do they look beautiful but the play well and sound wonderful! Through Ohana Aquila and Worth strings are available as well as a terrific line of bags and cases, stands and other accessories.

Hall Glass Guitar Slides
These slides come in 6 sizes in either clear pyrex glass or with a choice of 4 celtic designs. They are also available in half lengths.

  Rocky Butte Slides
Made of borosilicate, these high quality slides are available in a small, medium or large diameter, regular or short length and a variety of colors.

Lakota Leathers
These straps are all hand-made of bison & elk leather by the Lakota Sioux Nation. They are available for Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin & Resonator, in 4 colors: black, chocolate, spruce & tobacco. The elk mandolin straps are available as a round or flat braided style in solid colors or two combined colors. A flat bison leather strap is also available.

  ST Straps
These straps are made for ukulele (with an end pin), mandolin and guitar. They are available \ in a variety of prints aand solid colors in 1" (primarily for ukulele and mandolin), 1 1/2" (ukulele, mandolin and small bodied guitar) and a 2" guitar size. There are also 1" leather straps, 1" neck straps prints and solids and a 1 1/2" kids' strap in prints and solids. The kids's strap is 10" shorter than a regular strap. Also available from ST are leather picks, banjo adaptors and headstock bracelets.

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