1926 Gibson TB-5 Conversion Banjo

1926 Gibson TB-5 Conversion Banjo w/new h/s case $12,500

   1926 Gibson TB-5 Conversion Banjo

A spectacular looking and highly desirable instrument that features the original gold-plated and engraved TB-5 pot married to a custom built 5- string version of the original tenor neck. This is the Gibson 1925 style Mastertone with the tubular tone ring that rests upon a combination of washers, springs and ball bearings that gives it its name, the "ball bearing" Mastertone. Gibson's idea behind the design was, that as the calf head expanded and contracted with the weather, the combination of springs and washers would keep the head at an even tension. Modern players with their mylar banjo heads don't need this device.

However, this combination does provide the player with brisk, clear tones, and thus is the favorite of players like Monte Ballou (Castle Jazz Band), Ralph Stanley, and a host of old time country players as well.

This example is in excellent condition with only a few minor scratches on the walnut resonator. The gold playing is in excellent condition as well and there is still plenty of definition in the engraving on the stretcher band flange, and tailpiece. The neck is a modern replica and features Keith-Bump tuners on every string. There is absolutely no wear on the frets or finger board. A versatile, HUGE sounding 5 string for players of all styles.
$12,500 in new hard case

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