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Acri Finger Picks
Innovative Banjo Picker Gordon Acri developed these finger picks to give players a more comfortable feel without damaging the cuticles, a problem with with most metal picks. They are bright, yet still provide a full, rich tone.
Stainless Steel Large, Set of 2 = $15.00
Stainless Steel Medium, Set of 2 = $15.00
Brass Large, Set of 2 = $10.00
Brass Medium, Set of 2 = $10.00
Thumbpick with Delrin = $15.00

Tone Guard for Mandolin
The ToneGard was designed by Tony Pires working with several of the top players of the mandolin world in order to improve the tone and projection of your mandolin for less than the cost of a professional set-up. They are crafted from laser cut steel and finished with a ceramic powder coat in order to enhance the tone and increase the volume significantly. They fit snugly on the back of your mandolin to give a space between the player and their instrument.
Price: $75.00

Tone Guard for Openback Banjo
After years of requests, Tony Pires now has developed the ToneGard for openback banjos. By holding the instrument away from your body, the ToneGard is a valuable accessory that increases the volume, enhances the tone, and reduces the incidents of "buckle rash" on your instrument.
Price: $75.00

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