1944 Vega Profundo Guitar (Location: Washington State)

1944 Vega Profundo Guitar w/case $1500

   1944 Vega Profundo

The Vega Company of Boston Massachusetts is well known for the outstanding duo of the Whyte Laydie and Tubaphone banjos. Founded in 1881 they also produced wonderful guitars and mandolins until they were sold to C.F. Martin & Co. in the early 1970s.

This Vega dreadnought is a tone monster. Every bit as powerful as the Martin D-18, which was its inspiration. This WWII era guitar is equally at home in a Bluegrass band, as well as in a Blues setting. Folkies will love this highly collectible powerhouse as well.

$1500 w/ newer hard case

1944 Vega Profundo Back

1944 Vega Profundo Peghead

1944 Vega Profundo Peghead Back


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