1937 Gibson AC Century of Progress Mandolin
(Location: Washington State)

1937 Gibson AC Century of Progress Mandolin w/hardshell Case $3800

   1937 Gibson AC Century of Progress Mandolin

The World's Fair of 1933 was held in Chicago, Illinois under the banner of "A Century of Progress" it was a big deal. No, it was a REALLY BIG DEAL. Judy Garland and the Andrews sisters performed, fair goers were treated to the arrival of the Graf Zepplin, and for the first time ever, professional Baseball held an All-Star game as part of the celebration. It was such a huge success that in May, 1934 the fair opened for a second run!

Manufacturers from all over the world competed in vast arenas for the public's attention. Gibson Inc. issued a special edition of their well known musical instruments called the "Century of Progress" series. The L model guitar based on the then current L series, a tenor guitar, a banjo, and an A style mandolin. Of the 4 instruments, the mandolin is regarded as the rarest and highly desired by collectors.

But wait!!! we've found one! The Music Caravan folks have an excellent condition example right here! Resplendent in its pearloid peghead and fretboard, with the familiar Gibson sunburst, the instrument has a arch top, with oval hole, yet interestingly, a flat back. This one plays great too! Highly desirable, highly collectible, Haile Selassie.

$3800 with original hard case

1937 Gibson AC Century of Progress Mandolin

1937 Gibson AC Mandolin Detail

1937 Gibson AC Mandolin Peghead

1937 Gibson AC Mandolin back

1937 Gibson AC Mandolin Peghead Back


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